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Driving Instructions | New Tech Driving School

When it’s time to start driving, you have to show that you can control the car and obey..

Driving Classes | New Tech Driving School

There is more to driving than learning when to shift gears in a stick or discovering how..

Driving School | New Tech Driving School

As a resident of Brooklyn, you appreciate the challenges of driving in our fair city. You have..

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When it’s time to start driving in Brooklyn, it’s normal to be nervous. Even skilled drivers who are new to the city may be overwhelmed and impressed by the congestion and aggressive driving habits found on our roadways. However, that doesn’ t mean you have to surrender your car and stick to the subway. With the right driving instructions and safe driver training, you can be ready to get out on the streets in your own car.

We offer driving classes for people of all ages. Teen drivers benefit greatly from our classroom instruction and in-car training. Experienced drivers appreciate our defensive driving courses that help them anticipate other driver’s moves and stay safer in traffic. Whether you are new to driving or just new to the city, you can trust us to help you prepare for Brooklyn driving.

We also teach classes for driving sticks, scooters and motorcycles. With our instructions, you can choose your favorite mode of transportation and enjoy the freedom that comes with driving.