Driving Classes

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Driving Classes

Driving Classes | New Tech Driving School : NY, Brooklyn

There is more to driving than learning when to shift gears in a stick or discovering how what your turning radius is in the sedan. Driving in Brooklyn is particularly challenging because of all the traffic, and we will help you overcome the challenges. With our defensive driving lessons, you can become a better driver and avoid accidents. Here are a few of the benefits of investing in one of our classes.

Lower insurance rates – Insurance companies have so much faith in these lessons that they are willing to offer you a discount for taking them. You could save up to ten percent on your auto insurance, and that is an attractive incentive.

Avoid accidents – Learn how to anticipate what other drivers will do. You cannot count on New Yorkers to use their signals, but you can learn warning signs that a car is going to slip in front of your, pull out from a side street or turn.

Learn how to deal with road rage – In addition to learning what you can do when someone else is angry, you can learn how to control the anger in yourself.

Weather conditions – The weather can turn nasty in New York in a heartbeat, but we’ll teach you how to deal with wet and dangerous conditions.

Better understanding of your car – Learn how long it really takes cars to stop and other information that will help you avoid accidents. When you know exactly what you are in control of behind the wheel, you will be in a better position to really take control of it and stay out of trouble.