Driving Instructions

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Driving Instructions

Driving Instructions | New Tech Driving School : NY, Brooklyn

When it’s time to start driving, you have to show that you can control the car and obey all traffic laws. This takes practice, education and some dedication on your part. Learning the mechanics of driving a car is easy if you have an open field and plenty of space. Learning how to safely navigate the busy streets of New York is something completely different.

With our lessons, you will receive instructions in driving laws, so you will understand what the road signs mean, who has right of way and what your responsibilities are. You will also learn how long it takes a car to stop and what is involved in maintaining control of the vehicle at all times. We provide classroom instruction for part of the lessons, but we also take you out in the car for real-world experience and instruction.

You will also learn why seat belts are important even if you are only going a few blocks. You will come to understand the dangers of driving under the influence or texting and driving. With our help, you will be a safer and better prepared driver when it’s time for you to get behind the wheel. We also offer defensive driving classes, so you will be prepared for the challenges of driving congested roads and better able to avoid accidents.

When it’s time to learn how to drive, don’t just settle for a classroom setting or in-car instruction. Choose a plan that offers you the best of both worlds. With our experienced instructors and thorough training you will be ready for the test, and you will be ready to face the unique challenges of driving in Brooklyn. Getting behind the wheel of a car is a huge responsibility, and you can trust us to help you get ready for the challenge.