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Driving School

Driving School  | New Tech Driving School : NY, Brooklyn

As a resident of Brooklyn, you appreciate the challenges of driving in our fair city. You have to watch the other drivers, pedestrians and people on bikes. You know that congestion poses unique challenges that people from rural areas don’t encounter, and you also appreciate how difficult it can be to find parking areas in Brooklyn.

That’s why so many people choose to jet around town on motorcycles and scooters. You can fit in smaller spaces, squeeze in when congestion crowds around and zip through tight areas. Finding a parking spot is infinitely easier when you are riding around the city on two wheels, but you must learn how to safely navigate before investing in that sharp little scooter.

That’s we offer lessons on driving two-wheel vehicles. People come from all over the city to learn how to safely navigate our busy roads on two-wheeled transportation. We offer lessons on motorcycles, scooters and even cars with stick shifts. Even people who have been driving for years say they benefited from our lessons because they learned how to ride in tighter circles, manage the traffic and stay safe on the roads.

Whether you are just getting your license or looking to drive around on something different, you can trust us to provide you with the services you need. Call New Tech to learn how to handle these vehicles, what laws you should be aware of and how you can stay safe if you decide to leave the car in the garage and head out on your bike or scooter instead.